Empowering You to Teach your Child to Read

Welcome to Erin’s Distance Learning Virtual Classroom

Help your Child Learn to Read—with...

  • Face-to-face, how-to video lessons
  • Hundreds of downloadable pages and activities
  • Fun, hands-on, game-based learning
  • Step by step directions—with no boring, repetitive sing-songy memorization, no too-much-screen-time click-and-stare games that miss key ideas, and no frustration because of the 1-2-3 pace to make it easy
  • Learning beyond phonics and its “rules” to how reading works
  • Fun, hands-on, game-based learning so your child finds reading doable and wants to read
  • Tested and used successfully by parents in home schooling, public schooling, and one-on-one tutoring
    for over 20 years
  • The most current research today on what truly works
  • Who’s it for?
    * Kids ages 2-15
    (and their parents)
    * Beginning readers,
    to learn “right” from the start
    * Kids already reading but struggling, to go back and fix what’s wrong, to get on the right track



    What’s it like?
    * Login and Watch: Kids and parents login and watch the video lesson—following along with hands-on interactive games and activities
    * Activities and Games: Parents download the activities and guide the kids in more activities for the week, drawing the child into success—step by step, building confidence and desire to read
    * 24/7 Access: You control when and how much you learn, in segments that fit your family’s schedule
    * Learn How Reading Works—so you can help your child decode, blend, and comprehend—to read fast, smoothly, and with 100% comprehension

With Five Complete Levels of Learning—Beginning/Preschool Ages Through 5th Grade

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How it works--

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Interact together, and

Learn to Read!


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