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Help your child read and spell smoothly, with 100% comprehension

Here’s what you get…

  • Short, easy, and engaging learning videos
  • Hundreds of done-for-you downloadable reading, spelling, and vocabulary pages
  • Hundreds of hands-on game pages that make learning fun
  • Parent/Teacher how-to videos and instructions
  • All pages with easy-to-challenging options, to help your struggling reader
  • An easy login portal with all you need, to teach your child to read

Your child learns…

  • How to read smoothly
  • How to spell simply
  • How to read for meaning
  • Hundreds of vocabulary words (and more!)
  • How English REALLY works, to move forward faster

Whether you’re a new reader, a gifted reader, or a struggling reader (or speller) – it’s all here for you — to make reading, spelling, and vocabulary learning faster, smoother, and more successful.

Preschool through First Grade

New easy to use format, with hundreds of new pages and videos

Includes: Reading – Spelling – Vocabulary

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Original Program (Ages 8-15)

Includes: Reading – Spelling – Vocabulary