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When you Sign Up, you get 24/7 Online Access to the Lessons Area—with all six (6) levels of learning available with easy online access.

Get Six Levels of Learning
With How-To Videos, Hands-On
Games, 100s of pages, and more…

With True North Reading, your family gets a complete reading and spelling program for all your kids—early beginner to teen, so that…

  • Your young preschool child learns to read right
  • Your elementary student gets rid of struggles and thrives
  • Your pre-teen reader loves reading and reads faster and smoother, with great comprehension
  • Your teen has all that’s needed for excellent reading in high school and beyond

Choose Your Level

Once you’ve signed up—you’ll enter the Lesson Member Area where you can simply click on the right level to begin.

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There are six (6) levels to choose from:

Basic Code: 1.a

Choose Your Lesson

Once you’ve clicked on your level, you’re now in your specific area of learning—and you’re ready to learn.

For the Basic Code 1 and 2, the  lessons in your learning area are numbered and laid out with easy-to-follow buttons, timelines, navigational bars, and tabs (as shown in the picture to the left). To learn, all you have to do is move across the timeline/tab in the numbered order.

For the Original Program, the content of the level is within one easy-to-access page.

And if you have multiple students learning, you can easily navigate back and forth to the main Lesson Level Area, to get to each student’s learning.

Children watching a video

Watch the Video

Like Mr. Rogers, the cast of Sesame Street™, and classic shows like Blues Clues™ with Joe and Steve, at True North Reading, we believe in one-on-one relationships for connection and learning.

That’s why Erin is your child’s teacher on every single video—from the young beginners through advanced students. 

Sound Sign

Fully Learn the Sound and its “Sound Picture”

Every lesson begins with learning the sound and “the picture to draw, to go with that sound.” This phonological, sound-based approach is perfect for mastering both reading and spelling together.

Because all learning here is broken down into its smallest parts with activities, your student learns all of the most important tasks (and little skills) for reading—and can then master those skills quickly, adding one skill to the next for excellent reading and spelling.

Kids playing activities that make them learn faster

Play Hands-On Games and Activities That Make Learning Strong

Because games are a foundation to the True North Reading program, your student learns with fun.

This game-based approach makes learning effortless—inspiring independence, self-motivation, and creativity. Teaching to the whole child and student, you get to move, play, make games yourself, tally, roll dice, keep score, up the ante, and take learning to deeper levels with enjoyment.

Kids learning how to spell with games

Learn Spelling with Games

Hands-on spelling is a part of every lesson—and your specific spelling games and activities include high frequency words, common vocabulary words, and challenge words beyond your student’s current grade level.

In each spelling task—and within the fun, hands-on game structure—your student never “writes a word 20 times, to memorize it.” Instead, with games, spelling becomes active, fun, and simple… and your student can actually remember how to spell words faster and with more accuracy.

a kid writing

Read, Spell, and Write with Words, Phrases, and Sentences

Integrating reading, spelling, and writing—your student gets practice in all areas, to become a great reader (and communicator). Students aren’t pushed. They’re given opportunities to add-in writing, idea creation, stories, and simple-to-complex sentences and paragraphs—to get across ideas with ease.

In each lesson, you’ll get pages with things to do, games to play, activities for learning and practice—including pages for…

kids having fun

Grow Vocabulary

Through comprehensive Word Lists, your student reads (and works with) up to hundreds and thousands of words in each level. Word Lists intentionally include above-grade-level vocabulary—and each time a parent and student chooses words for a spelling list, based on your individual child’s knowledge, skills, and needs, new vocabulary words are included.

Word Lists are arranged in an order that makes sense: easy-to-more-challenging. In the upper levels of learning, the words within each Word List are divided by True North Reading level, too—to give your student success.

a dad telling a story to his son.

Build Comprehension

Across learning, your student is gets activities to practice remembering and understanding… because without comprehension, reading is only noise!

“Your child—understanding” is what it’s all about. We help your student’s reading to be easy and memorable.

siblings hugging

Joyfully Use Learning in Life

The goal for every lesson is to practically use what’s being learned in life. In your home, around town, in the car, at the store, at the park or beach—wherever you go, students are encouraged to “take reading with you.”

Reading isn’t just for a lesson time. Reading is for life.

With practical encouragement and ideas, your student takes reading “into the real world.”

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