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Teach Your Child to Read at Home–

With the complete online learn-to-read program that’s easy to use…

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Help your child learn to read fast, with ease —
and get rid of struggles!

A Child-Friendly, Warm, Gentle Approach to Learning
  • Short teacher-directed videos
  • 100s of interactive pages, dozens of games, activities, and more!
  • With reading, spelling, handwriting, and vocabulary all included
Easy to Use
  • Super intuitive and easy-to-use learning interface
  • Five levels of complete learning — beginner to advanced
  • Research-based, proven program backed by happy parents and great readers for over 25 years
  • Most importantly, kids love it!

Easy – Fun – Research-Based – Complete…

It’s the learn-to-read program for kids and teens ages 2-15+ that parents have been using successfully for over 20 years.

Get all five (5) levels of learning—with hundreds of simple watch-and-learn videos, easy-to-use downloadable pages and activities, hands-on games, and everything you need to teach your child to read and spell fast, smoothly, and with 100% comprehension…

How it works

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For Beginning Readers

Start reading right! Yes, there’s a “right” way to learn to read! Leave no doubt in your mind that your child will “get it”—with ease, accuracy, and (most importantly) a love of reading. Get fun, games, and short-burst learning through play, to ensure your child never struggles…

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Become a Strong Reader

Read fast, smoothly, and with no struggles. Help your child’s reading take off and give your child confidence and joy in reading! Make reading easier, and give the love of reading and a desire to read more. Here’s how…

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Get Spelling Help

Spelling struggles? “My child can read but can’t spell!” Then this is for you! Help your child and teen learn how reading and spelling are connected—to spell with accuracy and confidence—fast…

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Why It Works

Based on world-renowned research and how we learn best—with 20+ years of proven teaching and results behind each and every lesson.

Get the benefit of cutting-edge knowledge from neurology and brain-based learning, speech and language pathology, and memory systems with tried-and-true mastery-learning methods from around the world—all together and online in simple, easy-to-accomplish, hands-on lessons that are downright fun…

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What You Get

  • Five Complete Levels: ALL the reading instruction you need, start to finish, from birth to teen years—so you can ensure your child reads well…
  • Video Lessons: Decode and remember every sound and letter combination in the entire English language—all put together in short, simple how-to lessons…
  • Pages and Pages: Thousands of words and activities for each and every sound and letter combination, with activities, games, and more…
  • Spelling: Word lists, games, and easy how-to spelling activities for success—because the learning is 100% connected to exactly what you’re reading and makes sense
  • Hands-On Games: Everything is based in hands-on learning games using ALL the senses—with every single lesson matching the information to how your child learns best…
  • Reading Comprehension: From the start,your child learns decoding words and what words mean (vocabulary), how words fit together (sentence structure), how to remember what’s read (memory processing), and how to use next-step ideas (critical thinking and imagination) to makes sense of reading…

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How It’s Different

Go Beyond Phonics.

Learn the proven “Sound-to-Picture” method of learning… Learn an easier way to remember letters (and letter combinations) in “Sound Boxes”… Use all the senses to learn to learn to read faster, with stronger memory, through “Sound Signs.” Over half of the third graders in the United States struggle to read, and many reading programs are downright wrong or aren’t complete…

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