Empowering You to Teach your Child to Read




"Just need to thank you so much. I LOVE the program you have put together. It is working so well and is absolutely going to help my son leaps and bounds. I will keep you updated on my 9 yr old struggling reader because I think with this program he will be reading by summer." -- Kathy, a parent (February 2017)

"This reading program really helped my son feel confident and gave him the tools to progress. His reading level is right where it needs to be. Thanks for helping him become a successful reader."  ~ Michelle R., parent

"I have to thank you for putting together True North Reading. It is a whole new way of teaching a child to read but most especially, as you know, it is helping my child to spell better too!" -- Jeannine L.

"Thank you so much!  We are loving the program! I have already recommended your program to others. We tried a couple lessons over the summer and began consistently using the program for our school year, which started after Labor Day. I have a 5 and 7 year old that are working together (plus my 3 year old likes to join in occasionally). I wish your program was available for my 3 older boys when they were learning to read! 

I love being able to watch and reinforce the lessons with my girls instead of having to do it all.  I also appreciate the simplicity of the materials used (most of which are household items or easily and inexpensively purchased at a local store).  

I was a speech-language pathologist before homeschooling my kids (where I specialized in pediatrics) and I love the multisensory approach of your program. The ideas and suggestions for activities in between lessons are exactly what I would have asked parents of my clients do try to when I was in practice as a SLP! 

It is truly the best program to teach reading that I have come across in my 10+ years of homeschooling."

- J. Peterson

”I started out with my four-year-old daughter with True North Reading: The Complete Mastery Reading & Spelling program—and in under six months, she tested at a grade 2.5 level of reading! Amazing!” – Mom to Odessa, in Kalamazoo, Michigan

“Because reading is so important, I wanted to make sure that my daughter started out reading right. Thank you so much – in four months’ time, she went from knowing nothing to reading sentences—and enjoying reading—she thinks reading is fun! I recommend True North Reading: The Complete Mastery Reading & Spelling Program to anyone who wants to start their child out right.” – Beth, an elementary School counselor and mom to a five-year-old daughter

”After just his first year in school, my son didn’t want to read, and his teacher said that he needed help. Now—just two months later—Tristan is happy and smiling and reading words, and he can figure new words out easily. I’ve already told my friends about this program, because it changed our whole outlook on reading for us.” –Michelle, mom to Tristan, age 6

”Two years ago, my son was reading at a second grade level. Today, because of True North Reading, The Complete Mastery Reading & Spelling Program, my son is reading and understanding high school and college reading! He didn’t want to read at all—now he’s excited. This program is phenomenal, and I recommend it to everyone because I know it works.” – Denise, mom to William, age 12

“We spent 50 hours in a one-on-one nationally-known program with no success. The public schools were ready to put our 9-year-old son into special education. After only a few hours of working with True North Reading: The Complete Mastery Reading & Spelling Program, Victor’s reading improved four levels within his grade, and his teacher was thrilled and amazed, as were we! I recommend the program to any parent who wants their child to read better.” – Blake, dad to Victor

“Thank you so much! Because of True North Reading, my daughter has become an enthusiastic learner. The program has made learning to read so much easier for her! All the manipulatives that are used have become an amazing game at our house…and the writing, marking of sounds, and games…reading has become fun! Our books are now marked with sound markings, making the words easier to sound out. My daughter went from crying at the idea of reading to ‘Can I go read a book?’—and she reads it for hours or until it is done! Thank you!” – K. Durian, Michigan 

“Thank you so much! Morgan’s spelling and reading are improving in only months. She has so much fun with the games. I don’t think she realizes it’s learning! We so appreciate it!” –Becky Callahan, Kalamazoo, Michigan

“Thank you! My son can now read! This is making home schooling so much easier! Everything is possible!” – Kim, Kalamazoo, Michigan

“I’ve seen Lavender improve her reading in a little over a month! And she is more confident!” – Annette, Kalamazoo, Michigan

“My son, Josiah, was not reading. He was really struggling to sound out even simple words. He had a lot of visual confusion and was just not getting it. I tried many phonics programs with him – we were both struggling through the materials and getting more and more discouraged. Then, with True North Reading: The Complete Mastery Reading & Spelling Program, learning to read became a pleasurable experience! We love the Sound Box concept and marking the words. Josiah is now reading—he is smoothly reading books…it’s a world of difference for both of us. First, Josiah is learning to read in a way that fits his learning style – which has made it fun and given him a positive learning experience. For me, I have the needed tools to make Josiah’s reading journey a success. We are grateful!” – J. Wing, Kalamazoo, Michigan 

“Amazing! The games and marking the Sound Pictures make it fun—now my child can read any word, can sound out any word, and can spell better! Thank you!” – Martha Stanley, Kalamazoo, Michigan

“Every week, Austin’s abilities and confidence toward reading has risen. He can break words down (decode), so now he can go through pages and read most of the words on his own, and he has confidence to attempt reading words he is unfamiliar with. Everything is in a concise order that was easily comprehended, and it has been wonderful to play the games. They made a huge impact on learning and retaining the sounds. Learning to read has been fun and successful!” – A grandmother teaching her grandson to read, Michigan

“True North Reading: The Complete Mastery Reading & Spelling Program is the best at helping my children learn in a fun and simple way. After trying phonics programs and not having success, I know I had to try this one. This all-inclusive program began with learning the “basic code” and escalated into my children reading beyond my expectations. My daughter can read at a higher level! She can get excited about seeing words differently (in a good way)—and she can read confidently! Thank you, Erin, for designing a program that works!” – Jodi Carless, Kalamazoo, Michigan

“I’ve seen my fifth-grade son come a long ways—and because of reading better, we’ve seen a big improvement in his grades overall. He is able to figure out words on his own; he’s able to read and understand the questions and content – which is something he couldn’t do before. Now he reads five to seven pages a night and understands it all, and he feels better about it, too. Because of the reading, Social Studies wasn’t a part of what he did at all; now, he is involved in advanced Social Studies!” – Mom to Tim, Allegan, Michigan

“I knew nothing about Sound Pieces. Reading was hard. I’m now reading books and newsletters on my own, where before, I wouldn’t want to read at all. Before [True North Reading], I really didn’t know how to read…now I can read! I like finding a good book. It’s even fun to sit down and read a story! As I keep practicing what I’ve learned, I think I’ll know how to read without mistakes, and that will really feel good!” – Tim, age 11, Allegan, Michigan

“Mikayla’s self confidence has increased as she has been able to recognize Sound Pieces and put words together…her reading is improving so much that she’s finally beginning to pick up books on her own, to read them. Her progress in reading is transferring into other areas of learning…It’s clicking! Her excitement shows through…and her excitement shows the most when she can now pick up her Bible and read it—her main goal for learning how to read. Thank you!” – Wendy Stafford, Kalamazoo, Michigan

“We began with phonics for our son and we realized that he wasn’t learning the same way that his sister had; the phonics that worked for her wasn’t working for him. We looked at various reading programs, reading publisher & parent reviews. We decided to try a widely-publicized, “guaranteed” phonics program. It started out good, at least that’s what I thought. It was fun, flashy, and he was reading words! The excitement was short lived. What he actually was doing was memorizing words. When he reached his memory capacity, he didn’t understand how to break down new words and had a hard time reading words he had previously memorized from the program. He was getting frustrated because what he had been accomplishing wasn’t working any more. I heard a lot of positive comments about True North Reading, The Complete Mastery Reading & Spelling Program, and Erin’s experience with children. We started…and the progress he’s made is amazing! He’s gone from mastering the Basic Code to breaking down pretty big words for his age. He’s retaining what he’s learning. This program has made all the difference for him!” – A homeschooling mom, Kalamazoo, Michigan

“Fabulous!” – Mom in Kalamazoo, Michigan

“We enjoy the great games and ‘playing’ with sounds, to get familiar with them. My 3-year old at home loves to join in the learning, too!” – Mom in Michigan

“My daughter is learning this much quicker when we just tried to learn the letters. She’s learning to read much sooner, as well!” – Mom in Michigan

“I enjoy the creativity in addressing difficult learning styles!” – Mom in Portage, Michigan

“I love how the children play games to learn!” – Diane, Kalamazoo, Michigan

“Wow! This reading way makes so much sense to me! A great way to learn the [Sound] Pieces!” – Amy, Richland, Michigan 

“Thank you so much! Already, I’m seeing my son Jack experience successes with his reading!” – Maureen, a homeschooling Mom in Michigan

“Thanks so much for teaching us to read.  Olivia is making incredible improvements in her reading, and it's the first time I am beginning to understand the ins and outs of how reading really works.  I had such a hard time teaching it to my boys.  Wish I'd have found you sooner. :-)Thank you so much.” -- Olga Galvanek

“Thank you so much for the wonderful class session you have done for our children. Your methods are truly revolutionary. We have learned so much from you and we hold True North Reading in high regard. I am so excited that you will be releasing this class into another format for so many other children and parents to enjoy.” -- Lenora McGinnis

"Today, we were able to go through her video of the Sound Signs and Sound Pictures. Both boys loved it! I was especially excited by the response of my older son. He said, ‘Mom this is really different.’ I told him, ‘From here on out it is going to be different. It's going to be fun!’ Later today, we were at Costco and they were walking around making the sounds and Sound Signs. That put a smile on my face. [We] also downloaded the files with the introduction to TNR and the TNR terms sheet. It all makes so much sense. I wish I had learned this way when I was young.” -- Stephanie Onishchuk"

"My son is really enthusiastic about reading - FINALLY!" -- Christine Dijkstra-Ivory