What You Get

When you get True North Reading, you get…

  • Six levels of learning – beginner through advanced (ages 2-15+)
  • All ages, all students, one price
  • 24/7 access to all levels, all materials, wherever you have Internet access
  • All you need to teach your child to read fast, smoothly, and with 100% comprehension

It’s easy, with…

  • An easy-access lesson area for members
  • Easy to follow tabs and progress timelines
  • 1-2-3 step instructions, pages, and how-to videos

Preschool parents—Get direct, complete how-to help, to teach your child to read.
Elementary parents—Get simple, stepwise help to increase your student’s reading skills & speed.
Pre-teens and teens—Get next-step guidance for faster reading & higher comprehension.
Homeschooling parents—Get a done-for-you program with all you need to teach your child to read.
Struggling students—Get exactly what’s needed, to stop the struggle and enjoy reading.

Most importantly…

Parents, you get…

  • No-stress, 1-2-3 step learning, created-for-you teaching help
  • Peace of mind and confidence that your child’s not missing anything
  • Assurance that you’re giving your child excellence, for reading & spelling success
  • Peace of mind and confidence that your child’s not missing anything
  • Assurance that you’re giving your child excellence, for reading & spelling success

So your kids can have…

  • No struggles
  • No tears
  • Enjoyment in reading—and a desire to read
  • Confidence that feels good
  • Excellent reading and spelling
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With each lesson in the Basic Code 1 and 2, you get short, student-friendly, easy-to-watch videos and specific how-to-read one-on-one instruction with Erin—exactly how to decode each and every letter combination of the entire English language.

Throughout the Original Program materials, your student can learn to read smoothly with videos teaching how to use lists of simple to complex words and sentences, learn spelling, increase vocabulary, and play games that allow your student to read for meaning (comprehension).


  • Easy tips for how to remember the letter(s) and their sounds
  • Easy, how-to spelling helps
  • Easy blending (especially for longer words)
  • How-to game instructions
  • How to make the learning stick, with multi-sensory how-to’s and tips
  • Vocabulary building
  • Strong sentence reading
  • Reading comprehension mastery helps
  • Dozens of ideas for hands-on, multi-sensory activities—for higher memory and easier reading

If you want a personal teacher to guide you and your child step by step on video, then this is for you.

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Downloadable Pages

You get 100s of downloadable pages, all included—with simple write-to-read, mark-in activities that help your child read and spell with mastery, including…

  • Word Lists—With hundreds of words for each and every sound-letter combination in the     English language—to master decoding, reading, and spelling specific letter-sound combinations 
  • Easy-print Word Labels—For hands-on games, to perfect reading single words, sentences, and     paragraphs
  • Activity pages—To master the sub-skills of reading—including Visual Discrimination, Visual Tracking, and Auditory Discrimination pages and games
  • Game pages—To learn, practice, and enjoy learning how to read
  • And more!

If you want a great number of pages and resources included in your learn-to-read program, then this is for you.



Because games make learning fun and memorable, True North Reading games are a foundational cornerstone to help your student learn faster, remember more, and want to read more.

Here, you get downloadable, how-to game pages and hands-on games instructions—with the simple resource words you need to play, learn, and master reading and spelling.

With special games like…

  • The Lead Card Game
  • Capture the Box Game
  • Super-Seven Bingo
  • The Add-On Game
  • The Dice Game
  • And more!

And how-to-read versions of the familiar games you know and love, including…

  • 5-Row Bingo
  • Memory Game (Match Game)
  • Go Fish
  • War
  • And more!

If you want a way for your child to learn faster, remember more, and practice reading independently—and have fun doing so—then this is for you.



Because the sound-based, phonological approach to reading makes reading and spelling “two sides of the same coin”—making spelling easier—your child and teen learns right away how to master spelling.

Your student learns to read and spell together—at the same time—gaining strong spelling skills with True North Reading’s special hands-on activities and games, including…

  • Spelling Puzzles
  • Spelling in the Blanks
  • Go Fish Spelling
  • Bumper Spelling
  • And more!

Using simple paper, scissors, cubes, 3×5 cards, and other inexpensive manipulatives, your student learns to spell well from the start.

If you want your child to learn to spell and read at the same time, then this is for you.



With every lesson page you get hands-on activities, games, and fun—because reading with enjoyment is important, for fast learning and a lifelong joy of reading.

You get the tools to…

  • Know every single sound and letter combination (decode)
  • Read smoothly (with fluency)
  • Master the big picture and make sense of what you’re reading (increase comprehension)

Backed by scholarly research, years of childhood reading and literacy instruction, and immersive and interactive learning, with True North Reading you not only get a personal guide, to help teach your child to read. You get all that you need, for affordable in-home instruction for parent-led teaching that works.

From learning the most basic concepts of reading to mastering advanced literacy—if you want to make reading fun and successful for your preschool child, elementary child, or teen, then this is for you.

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