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True North Reading Books

Matt’s Pup

A chapter story with all “sound-out-able” words to make the leap to reading chapter books with ease. This book is for any child who reads at a beginning level — and who wants to read chapter books. Includes parent instructions and a decoding key.

The Complete Mastery Reading Spelling Program

In our goal to Empower You to Teach Your Child To Read, we will provide resources here for downloading and purchasing. We are in the process of providing print materials for you to purchase to aid in the teaching process. As we find things we think will help, we will list them on this page. If you have needs or suggestions, please email us. Our first offering will be a series of The Complete Mastery Reading and Spelling Program Code Books to help you with understanding the “codes” of the English Language for better reading and spelling. The Basic Code Sound Signs is the first of more to come.

Hands-on Reading Resources

Erin’s Books

Simplified Writing 101

For all high school and college students – must-have writing know-how, to write in the academic style and get the “A.” I developed this book while teaching college writing. It takes all the how-to-write info you need and makes it simple, direct, and fun.

Miracle in the City of Angels

“A touching story you can’t put down” – Amazon Review
I ghostwrote Elle Conner’s story of her Russian adoption that had many similarities to my own travels to Russia for our two from there…and ended up writing a non-fiction ending to help adoptive families and those who know adoptive families.

20 Secrets to Success with Your Child

The top 20 practical tips to make parenting easier. (Written when I had 12 kids…then had another. Lucky 13.) These are the top 20 things I wish I’d known when I started parenting 32 years ago. It’s so that you can avoid the mistakes I made and enjoy your kids more.

“My Kid is Driving Me Crazy!”

How to think in order to love and laugh in the parenting journey with right expectations that bring peace to your home. This is the book to make you laugh and lighten up — and to make parenting easier.