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No More Spelling Struggles

If you want your student to spell with ease, then you’re in the right place—because here, you’ll find the complete mastery way of learning to spell that’s easy, fun, and fast.

If you have a beginning reader who’s struggling to make sense of spelling—or your student reads well but simply can’t spell—True North Reading’s phonological approach to reading and spelling can eliminate struggles quickly.

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No More Guessing

If your child’s “spelling method” is guessing, writing the word twenty times, or “sounding out” to purely phonetic (and wrong) letter combinations—then it’s time to move to something easier, more enjoyable, and many times more effective.


Become a Strong Speller

Reading, spelling, and writing are skills that are intricately woven together. When your student can read but can’t spell well, writing becomes difficult.

And not only is writing difficult—but also with poor spelling, your student can be judged by others to have lower intelligence (when it’s not true). Your student’s confidence and self-esteem can suffer, too.

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Get the Reading-Spelling Connection

When you teach your child to read in True North Reading’s phonologically based program, reading and spelling are two sides to the same coin.

Reading and spelling are perfectly connected. They’re opposite skills.

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Better Spelling At Any Age

No matter if your child is just starting out reading or has been reading for a while—True North Reading has the games, activities, and tools to help your child learn to spell well. 

Pre-teens, teens, and even adults have used True North Reading: The Complete Mastery Reading & Spelling Program to become someone who spells with confidence and skill.

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Make Spelling Easy

Because of its unique design, its purposeful integration of reading and spelling, and its game-based, hands on methods of learning—spelling becomes an easily mastered skill.

If you want to master spelling, this program can make it happen.

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