True North Reading

The Complete Mastery Reading & Spelling Program

for your family…

Here’s what you get…

  • SIX (6) complete levels of learning for students ages 2-15+, including short, easy-view instruction videos, hundreds of downloadable pages, instructions for games, and more – to make sure your child’s reading and spelling is strong 
  • Learn to Read and Spell with all of the letter combinations in English through the Basic Code, the Combination Code, the Vowel Name Code, and the Imposter Code.
  • Learn and practice with how English REALLY Works, to Move Forward Faster
  • Increase Vocabulary—with easy-to-hard words through high school level
  • Make Reading Smooth & Easy with fluency, visual discrimination, auditory discrimination, games, activities, pages, and more
  • Help your Child Get Ahead Now with Uninterrupted Access to all courses and materials

ALL ACCESS means 24/7 Access online to ALL SIX (6) LEVELS with over 200 recordings and hundreds of pages of worksheets and resources that you can use any time. Or, if you have a beginning reader, click here for The Beginning Reader Special.

The Beginning Reader Special:
Get “The Basic Code 1”


Start Your Reader Right with All You Need To Teach Your Young Child to Read and Spell
For Brand-New Readers, Ages 4-7,
 And Early Elementary Readers Who Need To 
Gain Confidence & Make Reading & Spelling Stronger

Get the all-Inclusive, easy-to-follow, complete reading and spelling beginning lessons for 4-7 year-olds — with all you need, to give your child high reading skills and confidence, right from the start. 

  • You get unlimited access to over 100 brief-but-powerful one-to-one videos — with simple, fun, child-centered instruction for reading, spelling, vocabulary, and even beginning handwriting.
  • You get short-and-clear, how-to parent/teacher videos that answer your questions — with teaching tips and help, so you feel confident and “in the know” for teaching well.
  • You get 100’s of hands-on activity pages for each and every “Sound Picture” (letters and their sounds), all aligned perfectly so you don’t have to worry about what to teach or how to teach — because it’s all there in done-for-you clarity.
  • You get 100’s of games with simple instructions for hands-on play, to reinforce exactly what’s needed for reading and spelling mastery.
  • You get clear, direct instruction designed to get your child reading fluently, blending words smoothly, and spelling easily right away.
  • Best of all, it’s all in an easy-to-follow layout –– with a tabbed lesson area that you can access any time, anywhere there’s an Internet connection.
All pages, worksheets, and game instructions are downloadable, so you can keep a copy on your computer or make a binder for easy reference. It’s just one price, for all beginning reading students in your family, with access for two full years. You truly get everything you need to teach your child to read and spell with excellence.

Monthly Access Option!


Per Month

Once your family has used True North Reading for one full year, your family is eligible for the Monthly Access Option. With Monthly Access, for $37 per month, you get full access to all SIX (6) levels of learning, for all students, for $37 per month (cancel at any time). Simply contact to make it happen.