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Why Should I Learn This?



In my everyday work at Homeschool Connections, parents often ask why they should take time out of their busy schedule to teach subjects such as philosophy or formal logic. Students sometimes ask why they should dedicate their energy to learn subjects such as algebra or history. This is why I am excited about this book—it demonstrates the importance of learning specific school subjects. With 30-plus contributing authors, readers get a wide variety of homeschooling perspectives.

The purpose of Why Should I Learn This is not to tell parents how to homeschool. Nor does it dictate what program or curricula they should use. Instead, this book is designed to provide inspiration and encouragement in order to help parents create a homeschool where learning takes place in a vibrant environment.

Why Should I Learn This is available in print and as an eBook.

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What are the reviewers saying about Why Should I Learn This?

“Here's the answer to many of the Why's you (or your children) have asked about education. Whether you homeschool or not, this book is a treasury of well-crafted answers that will leave you with answers and, amazingly, even entertained!”

—Sarah Reinhard, Author and Blogger, SnoringScholar.com

"Why Should I Learn This is a reminder that education is not merely a
stepping stone into the work force, but a good in and of itself. Education is an important facet of encouraging our children to flourish as human beings made in the image of God. I found myself nodding along as the contributors articulate what makes the subjects I love so valuable. They also challenge me to look at the subjects I've never been inclined to with new appreciation. Why Should I Learn This will inspire you to dive into learning right along with your children."

—Haley Stewart, Author and Blogger, CarrotsForMichaelmass.com