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Online “All-Access” Recorded Classes

Five Levels of Recorded Classes and Hundreds of Pages of Materials--

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$147 for Six Months of ALL ACCESS--


  • Learn all of the Basic Code (the alphabet and more)
  • Learn the equivalent of decoding English through sixth grade
  • Learn and practice with how English REALLY Works, to Move Forward Faster
  • Increase Vocabulary—with easy-to-hard words through high school level
  • Make Reading Smooth & Easy
  • Avoid Common Problems & Frustrations
  • Get Personal Answers
  • Help your Child Get Ahead Now

True North Reading Class Outline
All Access Details

  • ALL ACCESS – all 5 classes for six months—over 80 classes
  • Uninterrupted Access to all courses and materials
  • 24/7-access to the Member’s-Only page and forum for specific questions for your child
  • Hundreds of pages of downloads, free
  • A Members-Only Forum for specific questions
  • Continued personal access to answer questions specific to your child for all six months

Here is what you get --


With all of the True North Reading levels for the next six months, you get never-again open access (Yes, all!):

  • Basic Code 1
  • Basic Code 2
  • The Combination Code (Level 1)
  • The Vowel Name Code (Level 2), and
  • The Imposter Code/Advanced Class (Level 3)

ALL ACCESS means 24/7 access online to ALL FIVE CLASSES for the next six months—That’s over 80 recordings and hundreds of pages of worksheets and resources that you can use any time. These are classes that were recorded live, with students, so they’re real-time learning.


In addition, you’ll have a “members only” section of the website with EVERYTHING clearly labeled—the recordings, the downloads, the how-to weekly instructions—to learn at your own pace or review as you like.

Once the next six-month period is finished, access will go away, never to be opened again. Why? For the fall of 2014, we’ll have new videos of all the different levels, with payments for each Level. Final costs are yet to be determined, but most likely (from preliminary research), the cost of the Fall 2014 program will be FOUR TIMES what you’re going to pay right now—saving you hundreds of dollars.

We've had a smashing success with the LIVE online classes for the 2013-14 School Year! And right now, we're making plans for our next live classes...so stay tuned!

In the meantime, be sure to get ALL 5 LEVELS of True North Reading with "All Access" now, so that you can begin...

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The cost for all of this is only $147 for the six months.

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