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About Erin Brown Conroy

Erin Brown Conroy, MA (EB Conroy)...

is a published author, speaker, curriculum designer, online instructor, and Master Teacher to two online schools (overseeing their writing programs and instructors). She taught writing, research, leadership, and wellness at the college level (13 years); has consulted with families on education and learning (over 20 years); has spoken on education and learning since the early 80s (over 25 years); and designed and teaches True North Reading: The Complete Mastery Reading & Spelling Programä, a live, worldwide online learn-to-read program (a program designed and researched for over 18 years).

“As a gifted learner, Erin began teaching students at the age of 14. In his book, Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell states that it takes roughly 10,000 hours of practice to achieve mastery in an area—to become an expert. So if hours count, with 40 years in the pocket with teaching and learning, Erin is a name you can trust.”


Personal Information

Erin is the mom of 13 children by birth, marriage, and adoption. Erin lives in Southwest Michigan with her husband, Shawn, where she writes, teaches, speaks, and home schools four of her children who are still living at home.



Erin is an author of four parenting books (20 Secrets to Success with your Child, 2000, 2003; My Kid is Driving Me Crazy!14 Realistic Expectations that Make Parenting Easier, 2004; 40 Days to Balanced Parenting, 2004; The Smart Kids’ Guide to Dealing with Anger, 2005), a mom’s fitness program (Totally Fit Mom, 2006), and numerous articles and educational materials. Erin has been quoted in hundreds of online articles (including iparenting.com, familyresource.com, geoparent.com) and newspapers (including The Chicago Tribune, Dallas Morning News, and the Miami Herald), and has been quoted in numerous parenting magazines (including Parents magazine and Parenting magazine). She has been a parenting columnist for Great Lakes Family Magazine (4 years) and Jen Singer’s MommaSaid.net web site for stay-at-home moms (6 years).



For over 20 years (since the 1980’s), Erin has been a speaker at educational conferences and conventions, for national organizations (such as McDonald’s), for homeschooling groups (from Chicago to Denver), and at churches (workshops and events). Since 2004, Erin has been a guest on radio shows for parenting and child development including WGN Chicago (three-time guest to The Steve Cochran Show), Parent Talk Radio, Family Matters Radio, The Doctor Laura Berman Show, and Real Life with Darla Shine.



Erin has a Bachelor’s degree in education (1981, Western Michigan University) and a Master’s degree in a rehabilitation field (1991, Western Michigan University) with special education and physical impairment emphasis. She is completing a terminal degree (MFA) in 2014 at Western State Colorado University in Writing, with a Genre Fiction emphasis.


University and Online Teaching

From 2001 to 2008, Erin was an adjunct professor with Cornerstone University’s Professional and Graduate Studies Division (Grand Rapids, Michigan; Kalamazoo and St. Joseph sites) in the courses of leadership, management, professional development, personal communication skills, college success skills, writing, research, and health & wellness. She taught courses and presented workshops to students and faculty on writing and teaching effectively.

From 2007 to 2013, Erin was the distance learning writing instructor for Patrick Henry College (Purcellville, VA), teaching College-Level Writing Skills and Research and Writing. She developed and taught the writing program courses online, coached college student in fiction writing, and presented live seminars to the student body on writing effectively.
Erin designed and, since 2009, has been the Master Teacher for Patrick Henry College Preparatory Academy’s AP English Language and Composition course, where she presently oversees the four Classroom Teacher instructors. Erin also designed the HomeschoolConnections.com Aquinas Writing Advantage program for middle and high school students at Homeschool Connections online, where she is the Master Teacher/Coordinator of the program’s three classroom instructors since its inception in 2011. Erin has also contracted to design curriculum independently for schools such as Connections Academy online.


Teaching Reading

Erin has developed, taught, and tested the True North Reading, The Complete Mastery Reading & Spelling Program for the past 18 years—a five-level multisensory learn-to-read program for children ages 2 to 15. She has spoken across the nation on teaching and learning, reading, and writing since the mid 1980s and taught reading to “kids” from age two to 82—challenged learners (dyslexia, neurological challenges, emotional challenges, ADD/ADHD) through gifted learners; English as a second language (ESL) with children through adults; individuals with vision loss, hearing loss, speech concerns, and multiple physical challenges. Erin has consulted privately in her home, both in person and via the phone, nationally, regarding reading, spelling, writing, and test preparation for over 30 years.


Professional Memberships

Erin is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC), The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWA), The American Christian Fiction Writer’s Association (ACFW), and the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD).


Latest Publications

The book, Simplified Writing 101: Top Secrets for College Success, was released in 2013. Five additional writing books are planned, along with The Master 7 Principle, which outlines the seven skills needed to learn anything successfully.


Just for fun…

When not teaching, speaking, or writing in coffee shops, Erin loves playing the wooden flute and hanging with her kids and three dogs.